Two Birds

You chimed your song in tuneful curlicues 
Out from the thick bush; the dame you wooed
Did not know how to voice her due reply:
Muted, like a decoy, she held rapt—
Then, tripping from twig to twig, she made to fly
For shame;

But flapping, you set circling round her perch,
Stopping at each apt branch to lilt away,
Flashing your feathered raiments like a prince,
Charming the morning, evening, and midday!

She twitched in doubt; the heart within her fought
Against such fuss and notice. Pfft! You dropped
Tuck-winged right into her hiding-place—
Then trilled a champion’s looped capriccio

Until she got all caught up in its lace
And breathed as one with it, this netlike song . . .
Then, by and by, began to sing along!

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