Night Visitation

My bedding's edge lay crumpled at my side
 As I curled lost inside the dreams of night;
 And yet the full moon, drear’s celestial bride,
 Poured through my windows, mantling me with light.
 What power, long unknown to me, would shine
 At such an hour with such day-force? Pristine
 In solitude, by some obscure design,
 She reigned in stunning vigil, long unseen.
 Awakening, I tossed off lingering shrouds
 As sleep’s last traces with the dim sheets slipped
 Away, and I peered out: some blackish clouds
 Swirled round the orb where high-born breezes whipped.
 Then all the brighter every moon-ray beamed
 Against that scrim of gloom where shadows streamed!

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