After the Walk

I'm loath to take my shoes off at the door 
For fondness of the places they have gone—
I want to keep their good vibrations “on” 
And track their magic all across the floor. 
What are walks and jogs and journeys for, 
If not to bring some psychic juju back 
To buildings long gone stifling and slack 
With platitudinous attitude and bore? 
Hurray for free exchange of in with out! 
—Some grassy newness strewn across the grout 
As impetus for sojourns yet in store.
I'm loath to take my shoes off at the door.
But whether in or out, let's go explore,
Footloose, the highest, truest, deepest, best 
In book and boardwalk, rapt in constant quest 
Which moves us further, deeper, evermore 
Until, reflected in our being’s core, 
We find all, passing through the inner door.


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